Asanas Attune the Body to Meditation


Asanas attune the body to meditation, just as a guitar is tuned before a performance. ~Author Unknown

There was a time I couldn't get into this asana on my own. I remember several years ago training in Miami. It was the first time I saw legs crossed like this and I couldn't imagine being able to bind mine. Then, after a lot of practice I got to where I could. I can't always. I have a approach this asana with care and acceptance to where my body is at that moment. .

My teacher Andrey Lappa teaches asana in a way that traps your attention in the present moment. As soon as my legs began to lock, he began to tell me to bind my arms too. It heightened the level of difficulty causing me to be very focused. That same level of focus strengthened my Meditation practice. For me, stillness of mind and a sattvic state are always my primary reasons to practice asana. I enjoy physical activity and enjoy strengthening my body but what I am really drawn to is the peace I find in the present moment of a challenging asana. 

Oh, and the rebound. After tying myself into knots, when I release I am flooded with some very amazing endorphins. Moments like that I just smile to myself at the wonder of it all. It is good to be in a body. There can be so much joy and bliss in simply being and feeling all the feels. Another cool thing is when I tie myself in physical knots and feel so good when I release and let go, I remember the same is true for the emotional knots I tie myself in. I can just release those at anytime and feel so much better.

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